The Marrow of the Problem


The Marrow of the Problem

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The Marrow of the Problem

Original artwork by Kirstin White.

Image size 47.5 cm x 30 cm
Watercolour on paper.

Signed, mounted and framed under glass.
Framed size 57.5 cm x 40 cm.   White mount and frame.
NOTE: Delivery charge varies, depending on your location.

  • It was a time of confusion and I was thinking about the absurd, problems, puzzles and solutions. I sat in my patio garden considering the basics of life and looking for a window; a window to illuminate the issues or a window as a way out of the problems that the pandemic had presented. I had a marrow plant growing well but knew that it would never bear fruit without a larger container. I thought about blossoming plants and ideas and false hope and false fruit and things we didn’t learn from ladybird books.
    I think in pictures so noted mental images down and then made this painting. I prefer to work from life so took my easel out of doors to make this picture. One of several paintings made in response to Covid-19.

Completion Date: 10/6/2020

This particular painting is framed and ready for immediate dispatch.

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