A watercolour painted, live, at your wedding

A wedding watercolour by Kirstin White. What better way to frame a priceless memory, such as your wedding day. Have an original piece of art commissioned from Kirstin White Watercolours, especially for this picture-perfect day.  Art created by the artist directly at the event. This is the perfect way to create a wedding heirloom that can stay in the family forever.

An original watercolour, unlike any other in the world, is the perfect capture of two or three hours during your wedding and is beyond sentimental. Kirstin White Watercolours understands how much this day means to you. For the reason that she is present, she can put the mood, atmosphere and tone of your individual wedding in to your unique painting.

Kirstin will sign, mount and frame the painting for you, to make this priceless item as special as possible.  Kirstin White Watercolours can give you even more painted memories derived from sketches, photographs, and notes taken during the day, which can either be part of your initial package or added at a later date.

Entertain your guests with a live event painter

Be in on the trend, wow your wedding guests, with a live event painter at your wedding. The watercolour painting will be a real conversation starter, not only on the wall in your home but also at the wedding its self. Entertain your guests by adding this additional artistic element to your wedding plans. Brides often choose to have their watercolour painting made at the wedding reception, however, the choice is yours. Watercolours made at the ceremony, in the grounds of the venue, or while the bride and bridesmaids are preparing for the wedding all make awesome pictures.

Watercolours from video and photographs

Although Kirstin White Watercolours prefers to attend, if your special event is in the past and you have a good video and/or photographic record of it, she can work from these to create your painting. 

Hampshire weddings

Kirstin White Watercolours covers Hampshire and surrounding counties.  She is willing to travel further afield in return for an additional fee.  Every painting is unique so finished sizes and proportions vary, generally, once framed, most are around A1 in size.  Take a look at the selection of Kirstin White’s wedding watercolours from the celebrations of previous happy couples.

What does it cost?

A typical package is £350 for a signed, mounted, framed and delivered original painting.  The price includes attendance on the day, a meeting in advance of the event if desired, and email/telephone contact for approval before framing of the completed painting.