Pete Codling was the judge at this years Titchfield Art & Craft Show.  The results are as follows:

1st Kirstin White Watercolours “Sun on Back”
2nd Ruth Ann Lewis “The Bridge Tavern”
3rd Belinda Colby “The Picnic”

He also gave commendations to the following people:
(In no particular order)
Patricia Luff – “Midnight Hunters”
Angela Chambers – “Bottles of Fruit”
Ruth Roberts – “Twilight & Hermit”
Elisabeth Blake – “Feathers & Shells”
Rachel Alexander – “Boogie & Friends”
Jeannie Brown – “The Saturated Meadow”
D Y Hide Art – “Fire & Ice”
Paul J Best Art – “Landscape Reflections VII”
Jessica Ascough – “Morning Walk, Titchfield Haven”
Marion Priddy – “Hello”
William Perret- “Do you Promise not to Tell”
James Mallabone – “East Jerusalem”

Kirstin White will be demonstrating at Titchfield Art & Craft Show, Sunday 29th April 2018, from 10am.  🙂

By Kirstin White

Kirstin is an experienced watercolourist who enjoys painting on location. Immediate, colourful and impressionistic artwork made 'on-the-spot'. Parties, events, fetes, fairs, weddings, gigs, shows as well as the purely every day, are favourite subjects. Back in the studio, Kirstin is known for her dramatic still life paintings that work well as greeting cards and prints. An enthusiastic tutor, Kirstin White teaches regular weekly classes and also gives one-to-one lessons. Workshops and demonstrations take place throughout Hampshire, UK.