'Drawing Helen' - Sun on Back*

Pete Codling was the judge at this years Titchfield Art & Craft Show.  The results are as follows:

1st Kirstin White Watercolours “Sun on Back”
2nd Ruth Ann Lewis “The Bridge Tavern”
3rd Belinda Colby “The Picnic”

He also gave commendations to the following people:
(In no particular order)
Patricia Luff – “Midnight Hunters”
Angela Chambers – “Bottles of Fruit”
Ruth Roberts – “Twilight & Hermit”
Elisabeth Blake – “Feathers & Shells”
Rachel Alexander – “Boogie & Friends”
Jeannie Brown – “The Saturated Meadow”
D Y Hide Art – “Fire & Ice”
Paul J Best Art – “Landscape Reflections VII”
Jessica Ascough – “Morning Walk, Titchfield Haven”
Marion Priddy – “Hello”
William Perret- “Do you Promise not to Tell”
James Mallabone – “East Jerusalem”

Kirstin White will be demonstrating at Titchfield Art & Craft Show, Sunday 29th April 2018, from 10am.  🙂